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We count ourselves privileged and wish that you will receive the grace and mercy that established this ministry. For all that God establishes is for his people, like you.  Here at KCA we are driven by eternity, seeking to go and be found where God is headed and where He is found.  We take God seriously that anything that is not in the agenda of God is not to be in our agenda. Therefore at KCA you will encounter the word of God taught uncompromisingly with the intention to empower you for a fruitful relationship with God through Christ by His Holy Spirit.  You can then be certain that through KCA your walk with God will be about correctness, accuracy and completeness of living. We seek to live according to the highest council God gives for couples, families, business people, professionals, students and children’s lives. Coupled to walking by the council of God our worship services are structured to provide a highly charged anointed worship and praise to activate you into worshiping God in truth and spirit.

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Exactness of Worship

“Worshipping God is a divine portal for intimacy with God where our hands and hearts are lifted towards Him, and Him alone – “I worship You”. No one else is worthy to humbly and deliberately surrender our lives to like the Lord God Almighty. We give honour to the one and only God, the creator of heaven and earth and Saviour of the world. At KCA we choose to enter in as individuals and give Him the honour He deserves hence the “I worship You” – mode. Personal intimate worship is the way we create an environment to usher anyone into a similar experience of personal intimacy with God. We move from the heart or person into music, from an event-based worship to a lifestyle of worship daily. To us, worship does not start with music, but it starts and ends in our hearts. Music, dance, clap and or shouts are simply means to express our deep-seated heart worship. Come join us as we learn to perfect our worship before God and enter higher and higher dimensions of intimacy with Him.”

Committed to Authorized Prayer

According to Matthew 21:13 we come to recognise one of God’s definition of the church is a House of Prayer for all people. On the other hand 2 Chr 7:14 presents a picture that God has authorized people called by His name to pray for the healing of the land. Prayer must become a lifestyle to us and we are challenged to take a position of representation and not of self-centeredness when we stand to pray before God. We therefore at KCA invite you to respond together with us to this calling of God for continuos and consistent Prayer lifestyle that must arise from the earth to the throne of God.

Divine Standard of Righteosness

Righteousness is a positioning of our lives by the grace found in Jesus Christ and not the result of our works, We therefore seek to live according to the highest council God gives to the righteous to be the overriding context of our lives  as couples, families, business people, professionals, students and children under submission to parents.  We choose to stay in the boundaries given by the word of God and vow with our lives to learn never to break those boundaries.

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Children’s Ministry

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