Children's Ministry

The Children;s Ministry is a component of KCA’s core ministries structured around people groups. The children’s ministry prepares children from tender age to be like arrows placed in the hands of their parents; to be sharpened through Christian ethos, values and morals, and be released as teenagers who are rooted in Christ (psalms 127:4; Deuteronomy 6:5-7).
The ministry comprises four age groups-:
1. Pre-schoolers= 5-6 years
2. Juniors.          =7-9 years
3. Seniors.      =10-12 years
4.Teens.          =13-15 years

The ministry operates its programs and activities which are spread from February to November. They include the following-:
girl talk and boy talk

  • Camps
  • Outreach
  • On site special days
  • Sunday school

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