Apostolic Engagement Intelligence

The AEI team was established to seek strategies that would equip KCA to fulfil the great commission.  (Matt 28:18-19, Mrk 16:15-17, Jn 20:21, Act 1:18). Thus, the goal of AEI is to strategically increase the apostolic (sent) engagement of the saint individually and corporately (Ephesians 4:16).  Objectives of AEI are as follows:

  • To unlock God’s secrets for increased fruitful engagement of the saints and KCA
  • To place God’s success of ministry into the agenda of every believer
  • To provide engagement support in implementation and unlocking of bottlenecks causing stagnation and regression
  • To strategise around the achievement of KCA goals for growth and development, and ministry cooperation locally and internationally

Optional Contact Person: Mr. Abraham Lelaka

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