The Enhanced Governance Trajectory (EGT) is a program designed to cater for young adults between the ages of 25 and 40. This program is aimed at empowering young men and women in the church by building the core strength needed to live a life that reflects Christ. Young Adults are positioned by God as a resource in the Kingdom of God leveraging their skills and talents to build the work of the ministry capable to advance the purposes of God in this complex and ever changing world.

Programs targeted to the EGT group in building core strength for maturity and accuracy of living, and bringing them to be God’s high-impact resource team includes:


KCA is in motion as part of the move of God in the earth. Whilst we broadly incorporate building a culture of seeking the preferences of God in a young adult’s life, this group are key to the functionality of KCA. Therefore their God given skills and talent are immediately required to establish KCA as a vehicle of God that is able to deal with the requirements to deliver the on the agenda of God for every season opened by God to KCA. Young adults are more and more placed in their area of gifting and professional skills to inteprete the call of God over KCA and translate that to appropriate operatons and functionalities.


This group is at a critical position in the ministry of God and are to be quickly enrolled in a process of taking full responsibility in governing themselves as adults and no longer youth in a sense. The context of their enhanced capacity to govern their lives in God is defined around their:

  • Spiritual and Church life
  • Family life 
  • Marriage life
  • Financial Life
  • Healthy Living
  • Career and Academic engagements

Church engagement (In-reach)

EGT members are actively involved in the different departments of the church i.e. the worship team, porter’s team, women’s ministry, children ministry, men’s ministry, catering, IT, sound, facilities, administration etc.

Community Services (outreach) 

EGT members are actively involved in giving their time and skills in charity events in our community, i.e. homeless, old age citizens (pensioners) and disable children in and around Akasia Area. More activities to be included for 2018 are prison visits & hospital visits.

EGT fellowship /prayer meeting

We hosts a fellowship service once a month, every second Friday of the month from 18:30 to 19:30 and we also meet for prayer every Saturday morning from 07:00 to 08:00.

EGT key scriptures: Matthew 6:10; 1 John 2:14; John 14: 15-31; John 16:13.

EGT Leadership:

Name: Mike Mbele
Cell: 072 961 8735

Name: Benedictor Mnisi
Cell: 072 306 6615

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