Planning to visit KCA for the First Time?

Here is What to Expect

KCA has a dedicated team for all our first time visitors that will assist with your comfort in a new environment.

Firstly as you get to the campus you will be met with our car parking and safety marshals who will ensure your car is parked correctly and safe throughout the service.

There is also a dedicated place and classes with teachers for children between the ages of 3 to 13.

After service the Church Leadership avails themselves to meet all our first time visitors and offer prayers and help to any other specific needs.

Our services are mainly in English with interpretation in Tswana.

Our worship songs are a mix of African and international songs.

Dr Mandla Chawane is always available to meet with any first-time visitor should they indicate a need for that.

There are services during the week in the areas near your place of residence and that information can be provided by contacting us.

Stay connected with the latest by checking our social media the next day to see pictures of the service you visited.

We believe you will enjoy KCA and will appreciate if you could share your experience with others.

Thank you for Visiting
Kingdom Citizenship Agency